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Computer/Tablet Access

Throughout the last several years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a larger emphasis on technology in the classroom or gadgets in educational processes. Our mission is to provide accessible products and assistive technology to eliminate barriers and enhance the lives of individuals with differing abilities. Our comprehensive selection of computer accessories includes alternative input resources, keyboards, mice, mounting equipment, tablet accessories, and so much more. With more than a decade of experience supplying premium products to students, parents, counselors, therapists, and special education teachers, EnableMart is the one-stop solution for the best interactive technology and gadgets available. Browse our inventory today!

Our selection of computer accessories includes a wide variety of alternative input devices. We proudly offer touch screens, hands-free mouse solutions, headsets, digital voice recorders, webcams, and so much more. If your student, child, or patient has some control over particular hand movements, our helpful mouse emulators eliminate the concern of simultaneous coordination in two dimensions. If you’re looking for speech recognition capability or total noise cancellation, look no further than our superior selection of headphones and sets.

Keyboards can be one of the most frustrating obstacles for anyone with low vision or limited mobility. Our collection of computer accessories includes large print, keyless, and on-screen keyboards that provide alternative computer access methods and feature convenient functions, such as word prediction, Bluetooth pairing, color coding, and more. Our extensive selection of tablet accessories includes vibrant carrying cases, stands, switch access with touch activation, Stylus pens or pencils, charge carts, and everything else you need to keep your educational environment up-to-date. We also carry mounting systems so you can easily customize the tablet experience for the specific user and the application.

Technology is most advantageous when you have the appropriate furniture to host it in your classroom, therapeutic office, at home, or anywhere. We offer a wide range of furniture and accessories for you to choose from. Our computer tables are adjustable to accommodate wheelchair access. We also offer book stands, desk mounting hardware, and a wide variety of workstation sizes and configurations to suit every imaginable space. Encourage development and hands-on experience by exploring our affordable selection of computer and tablet accessories today.

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