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EnableMart.com delivers the best products and services to make education and the workplace accessible to students and employees. Leaders in the industry have come together to bring all of these products to you in one online marketplace.

EnableMart.com was founded to simplify the process of finding and purchasing high-quality, individualized solutions for those with special needs. To this end, we have tried to make purchasing from EnableMart.com as simple as possible. You may place your orders online, or you may phone, fax, or email your purchase orders to our customer service team. We encourage you to place your orders in the manner you feel most comfortable.

Volume Discounts & Quotes
Our Government and education customers are eligible for volume discounts through EnableMart. If you are interested in finding out about how you can receive significant discounts or need a quote, please Contact Us.

Sample Purchase Order
At the request of teachers and administrators, we have built in the ability to create sample purchase order forms that teachers can send to their purchasing coordinators or administrators to complete the order process. We suggest using the sample purchase order form for the following purposes:

  • Send the sample purchase order to the purchasing coordinator or decision-maker for purchase.
  • Send to a school official or decision-maker for consideration.
  • Print and keep for your records until funding becomes available.

To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Add all of the products to the shopping cart that you would like to appear on the purchase order.
  2. Click on the shopping cart to access the list of products that you have added.
  3. Feel free to print out the contents of your shopping cart and attach it to your purchase order. Just click the "Print Cart Contents" button to print.
  4. Our Federal Tax ID number is 36-2425385.

Completed Purchase Orders
Completed purchase orders (whether generated online at EnableMart.com or generated on your system) can be faxed to us at (866) 487-0410, submitted electronically here or mailed to the following address:

EnableMart / School Health
5600 Apollo Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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