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Teachers and parents work hard throughout the school year to ensure their students with language disorders or cognitive differing abilities develop and grow. EnableMart proudly offers a comprehensive selection of reading aids, writing aids, special education tools, and educational learning tools so you can make the most of your classroom or home learning experiences. Find specialty assessment or screening resources, behavioral disorder management tools, interactive instruction technology, communication skill builders, study aids, subject-specific literature, and so much more. Our purpose is to provide accessible solutions at affordable prices. Explore our product selection today to enhance the experience of learning with an impairment.

More than ever before, technology has become an essential piece to the educational puzzle. We offer a wide variety of audio, video, and visual instruction and educational learning tools. Browse our diverse selection of headphones, stereos, electronic copyboards, portable picture-card systems, and software singles or bundles. Our products provide affordable solutions and special education tools for Autism Spectrum Disorder and profound or severe impairments. With our help, you can get your students interested in computers and technology at any stage while enhancing identification, listening, memory, sorting, observation, and other essential skills.

Literature is an important part of any classroom. Explore our extensive selection of reading aids and programs, including portable reading pens, story cubes, sentence building games, curriculum units, fluency development tools, and other important solutions to help create a well-rounded reading experience. We also offer writing aids, such as headsets, notebooks, literacy software, grammar development tools, as well as text-to-speech resources for word processing and word prediction for those learning with dyslexia and specific learning impairments.

We are proud to be the one-stop solution for assistive products made by more than 200 trusted manufacturers. Our quality selection of educational learning tools also includes mathematic resources, educational guides for a wide range of differing abilities and syndromes, games and toys to inspire creativity, and helpful study aids to use in the classroom or at home. Explore our unparalleled selection of tools and aids today to revolutionize the learning experiences for your children or students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today for further assistance.

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