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Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and movement are all essential senses we use to go about our daily lives. However, none of us are created equal. Whether you are a student, parent, counselor, pediatric therapist, or special education teacher, early intervention is an effective measure for developing motor skills, awareness, and a well-rounded perception of any surrounding. Explore our premium selection of sensory skills products. EnableMart is the ultimate destination for finding high-quality products at affordable prices, and we have more than a decade of experience supplying the top products to consumers in more than 45 countries. We proudly offer auditory processing equipment, oral motor gadgets, compression accessories, tactile items, visual attention resources, and more!

Our extensive selection of sensory skills products includes auditory processing equipment to help students or individuals with Auditory Processing Disorder and other impairments. We offer a wide range of headphones, musical outlets, therapeutic manipulation devices, and other quality products to help individuals better understand speech in noisy environments, follow directions, and discriminate different sounds. Many of the headphones we carry have noise-cancelling features to avoid distracting background noises and adjustable volume control. Our selection of oral motor tools helps to develop jaw motion for biting and chewing skills. We also offer facial massagers, chewable jewelry, and other innovative products that allow the user to exercise oral stimulation in a safe and appropriate way.

Transform any environment into an effective development space to encourage brain activity by exploring our assortment of environment stimuli. We supply projection systems, bubble machines, beanbag chairs, playtime structures, portable tubes, light softening filters, and much more. Some of the most effective sensory integration tools for students or individuals with special needs are weighted or pressure products. We offer vests, blankets, toys, lap pads, utensils, belts, calming stations, and other therapy products that are designed to increase concentration, body awareness, organization, and overall comfort.

Providing a comfortable environment for your students, children, or companions is just the first step toward developing long-lasting sensory skills. Browse our selection of sensory skills products today to uncover the limitless benefits of stimulation and enrichment. If you have any questions about our product inventory, please do not hesitate to contact us today for further assistance.

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