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Speech & Communication

Each year, breakthroughs are being made in an effort to provide innovative technology to students, parents, counselors, government organizations, and schools. Finding affordable solutions to reduce the educational or at-home limitations for individuals living with cognitive differing abilities and impairments can present quite a challenge. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. With more than a decade of experience providing the highest quality of assistive technology to worldwide customers, EnableMart is proud to be the ultimate destination for products that encourage and enhance independence, productivity, and the lives of individuals with differing abilities. Our variety of state-of-the-art speech and communication products provide voices to individuals who are non-verbal or speech-impaired. Discover unlimited potential by exploring our product inventory today.

Our thorough selection of speech and communication products provides augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, screening and assessment tools, as well as speech therapy solutions. AAC devices are an alternative system to help individuals with language disorders. We offer a full range of communication aids that are simple, portable, and designed for brief communication from one to 10 quick messages to express basic needs. Many of the products we provide are designed as an alternative to keyboards for those with visual or physical impairments. Portable books or display boards allow the user to easily make choices, display sequential activities, or tell stories through pictures.

Some of the most effective methods for identifying strengths and weaknesses in expressive and receptive vocabulary can be found in our selection of speech and communication products. We offer assessments for transition planning, pragmatic or narrative language, auditory perception, contextual articulation, and so much more. Make screening and assessment more efficient and interactive with the help of photographic expression, writing, motor skills, and other solutions so you can better understand a student’s need for language adaptations, enhancements, or needed curriculum accommodations.

Early intervention is a helpful tool for students with speech impairments or who have difficulty with sounds. Our comprehensive selection of speech therapy tools includes language building kits, facial massagers, tongue depressors, timing instruments, reading comprehension aids, games, oral motor tools, and so much more. If you have any questions about our speech and communication products or you need helping finding a specific product, contact us today for further assistance.

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