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Type and Talk Devices

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Type and Talk Devices

One of the most influential tools for students with communication or speech challenges is keyboard-based technology, sometimes referred to as speech generating devices. Typical typing on a physical keyboard generates speech directly from the typed text. EnableMart offers a comprehensive collection of type-to-speak devices that are simple yet powerful at generating synthesized speech instantly as the user types. Students with mobility and cognitive skills or post-operative clients can also benefit from using type-and-talk technology. Several of the devices we offer are specially designed to accommodate speech limitations resulting from ALS, Stroke, Aphasia, Dysarthria, and Laryngectomy. Explore our augmentative communication collection of speech generation solutions to find an affordable type-and-speak device for your classroom, home, or office. By registering an account today, you can complete the checkout process faster, view and track your orders, or create supply lists for future ordering.

Keyboard-based portable speech communications aids are also called type-and-speak devices. We offer innovative communicators that perform type-and-talk synthesis based on concatenative samples. The units for sampling can vary from whole words down to phoneme markers. A body of pre-recorded words is stored in onboard memory and the mapping of the various sub-word parts is held in a lookup table. By concatenating speech elements to produce words, speech can be generated in real time with unlimited vocabulary potential. Using the keyboard, you can easily control speed and volume generation after power-up. Enjoy wireless operation and speech right at your fingertips.

Our selection of type-to-speak devices require minimal or no setup. Some devices offer male and female voices in English and other languages. The user can change voice and language as often as he or she would like. These devices even work over speakerphones and come equipped with intelligent text-generating speakers as well as palm keyboards for on-the-go operation. Our wireless AAC speech generator works without a computer and is portable, instant, and can expand to support most standard and special needs keyboards. If you have any questions about our inventory, shipping, or our other AAC devices, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.

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