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Ability Switches

EnableMart’s mission is to provide accessible products to improve lives and eliminate barriers. Discover the power of simplicity by exploring our selection of adaptive switches. We proudly offer dual, multi, foot, sensitive, sip and puff, voice-activated, wireless, and general switches. Your students, patients, children, or companions can access technology more easily. Browse our inventory today to find everything you need to encourage interactive experiences and seamless communication in comfort for individuals with physical, cognitive, or visual requirements.

Our quality selection of general adaptive switches includes simple push buttons, pillow switches, textured alternatives, modifiers, and much more. With one simple press or movement, any user can activate the switch to access various devices, environmental controls, and computer software. Each model has its own unique features, but some include tactile and auditory feedback, interchangeable colored tops, mounting capabilities, vibration, lighting, and other features.

Traditional adaptive switches may not be the preferred choice for someone with limited use of their hands. Our selection of sip and puff, voice or sound activated, or foot switches are an ideal solution. With varying activation methods ranging from the lightest touch to a grasping motion, we carry a wide selection of products to suit any need.

We proudly offer more than 3,000 assistive technology devices from more than 200 manufacturers. Our selection for switch users includes switch interfaces and training or game software. Explore our inventory to find everything you need for your student, child, or patient to succeed. If you have any questions or concerns about our product selection, please contact us today and a member of our team will help you every step of the way.

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