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Bluetooth & Wireless Switches

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  1. Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    AbleNet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    In Stock
    Blue2 allows users to quickly and easily connect one or two accessibility switches to devices via Bluetooth connection. Learn More
  2. Simply Works system

    Simply Works Wireless System

    $93.00 - $416.00

    Ships Soon
    The Simply Works system includes a wireless receiver and a set of access devices. Just plug the it-Receiver USB receiver into your computer, and you are ready to use an the Simply Works Rollerball, Joystick, and/or Switches. Each connects wirelessly – no wires from your access devices to the computer. Learn More
  3. iSwitch



    In Stock
    iSwitch is an all-in-one switch to access iDevices. Learn More
  4. j-Pad Joystick

    J-Pad Bluetooth Joystick for iPad

    In Stock
    J-Pad is a unique, highly intuitive joystick interface providing comprehensive switch access to all iPad functions. Learn More
  5. PowerLink 4 + 2 Jelly Beamers Kit

    AbleNet PowerLink 4 Cotnrol Unit plus 2 Jelly Beamers Kit

    Ships Soon
    This kit brings the power and reliability of wireless technology to the PowerLink® allowing switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. Learn More
  6. Jelly Beamer Wireless Switch Transmitter

    AbleNet Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter

    In Stock
    Wireless Jelly Beamer provides reliable, immediate switch access without the hassle of cords. Learn More
  7. Big Beamer Transmitter

    AbleNet Big Beamer Wireless Transmitter with Original Receiver

    Ships Soon
    Wireless switch kit with Big Beamer and Original Receiver provides everything needed to start using a wireless switch. Learn More
  8. Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver

    AbleNet Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver

    $150.00 - $285.00

    In Stock
    Wireless Mini Beamer Transmitter and Mini Beamer Receiver provide everything you need to start using a wireless switch. Learn More
  9. Big Beamer Transmitter

    AbleNet Big Beamer Wireless Transmitter with SLAT Receiver

    Big Beamer with wireless SLAT provides reliable, immediate switch access without the hassle of cords. Learn More

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Bluetooth & Wireless Switches

Not all classrooms or offices are created equal, so it is essential to find the assistive technology that works best for your unique environment. Our selection of wireless switches offers endless opportunities to promote communication and participation utilizing technological devices suited for a wide range of abilities. From Bluetooth switches to iPad-compatible joysticks, our inventory includes products designed for a variety of applications. We strive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience so you can support the health of your students to enable them to learn and perform to the best of their abilities. Explore our wireless switch collection today.

Wireless switches are an excellent alternative for special education teachers, counselors, and parents that lack the appropriate accommodations for wired technology or assistive devices that require special cords and connections. If you are looking for a color-coded system to differentiate multiple functions, our switch kit is the ultimate solution. Enjoy a long battery life with a built-in sleep mode. Unique wireless codes eliminate cross-talk between devices, and many of the models we carry include four interchangeable twist tops in blue, green, red, and yellow. The big beamer and receiver provide everything needed to start using a wireless switch from as far away as 20 or 30 feet without any interference.

Our Bluetooth wireless switches provide single or dual switch access with sleek, modern designs and features that make them compatible with most tablets, desktops, or laptop computers that have a Bluetooth connection and switch-accessible apps. Each wireless switch we offer is easy and quick to set up, so the user can take full advantage of apps or software on iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android devices. We also supply entire systems that include wireless receivers and sets of access devices such as assistive joysticks, rollerballs, and toy control devices that all work together without wires.

Finding the tools and aids you need for your student, child, or client to succeed can be challenging. Luckily, you have come to the right place. EnableMart is proud to be the worldwide leader in assistive technology, offering more than 3,000 innovative products from more than 200 manufacturers. Need help finding a specific switch or device? Contact a member of our team today for further assistance.

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