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Switch Interfaces

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  1. Swifty & Beam

    Swifty USB Switch Interface & Beam Wireless Transmitter

    $85.00 - $212.00

    In Stock
    Swifty is an adaptive switch interface in an extremely compact package and includes an integrated wireless receiver. Beam is a wireless transmitter that allows Swifty to use up to 3 switches wirelessly to output mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard characters. Learn More
  2. iSwitch



    In Stock
    iSwitch is an all-in-one switch to access iDevices. Learn More
  3. Pererro iOS Switch Adapter

    Pererro iOS Switch Adapter

    $315.00 - $318.00

    In Stock
    Perrero is an advanced interface device which allows access to Apple iOS devices using a switch. Learn More
  4. Hook+ Switch Interface

    AbleNet Hook+ Switch Interface

    Apple MFi approved switch interface provides a reliable wired connection for up to 4 switches to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with Lightning connector. Learn More
  5. ZyBox 2-SC iOS Switch Interface

    ZyBox 2-SC iOS Switch Interface

    Ships Soon
    The ZyBox for iOS switch interface allows control of iDevice with up to three switches. Learn More
  6. XK-12 USB Switch Interface

    X-keys XK-12 USB Switch Interface

    Ships Soon
    Connect up to 12 switches and program each with a designated function. Learn More
  7. Wireless Switch Interface

    Enabling Devices Wireless Switch Interface

    In Stock
    Connect switches to control apps on Bluetooth-equipped iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC, PC or Android device. Learn More
  8. Crick USB Switch Interface

    Crick USB Switch Interface

    Ships Soon
    Crick Switch Interface sets the standard in ease of use and flexibility. Learn More
  9. Mini-SwitchPort


    Ships Soon
    Mini-SwitchPort provides a place to plug switches into a computer. Learn More
  10. Hitch 2.0 Switch Interface

    AbleNet Hitch 2.0 Computer Switch Interface

    In Stock
    When used with switch accessible software, users can control their computer, actively learn, and have fun. Learn More
  11. Switch Hopper


    Ships Soon
    SwitchHopper is a switch interface with 3 switch inputs. Learn More
  12. APPlicator Bluetooth Switch Interface

    APPlicator Bluetooth Switch Interface

    In Stock
    The APPlicator wireless switch interface provides access to switch accessible app and music with up to four switches. Now with added features. Learn More
  13. Switch Click USB

    Switch Click USB

    In Stock
    Switch Click USB is a switch and interface in one. Learn More
  14. Tapio Switch Interface

    Tapio iOS Device Switch Interface Lightning Connector

    In Stock
    Tapio is a direct connect, dual switch interface that's suitable for everyday access, but can fly with any warp speed gamer. Learn More
  15. Tecla Shield DOS

    Tecla Shield

    The Tecla Shield is a wireless device that enables switch access to iOS, Android, Windows, OS X or Linux using switches or driving controls on powered wheelchair. Learn More

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Switch Interfaces

Now that you have found the reliable source for affordable assistive technology, it is essential that your student or client be able to use and have access to his or her general or adapted switch. Our selection of switch interfaces offers dozens of solutions to help you maximize the potential of your educational or therapeutic environment. Many of the interfaces we carry provide places to plug switches into computers and offer multiple inputs to give you more options than ever before. Choose from wireless, USB-compatible, or other types of interfaces that provide endless opportunities to get individuals with differing abilities or physical limitations excited about technology and participating to his or her fullest potential.

We offer a wide range of USB switch interfaces that are compact and easy to use. Looking for an interface that can provide access to Apple products? We offer some MFi-approved adapters and native USB devices that provide a reliable wired connection for up to four switches to iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch with the included connector. The beauty of a robust direct connection is there are no wireless worries with Bluetooth pairing, drop-outs, and sluggish connections. Forget about charging batteries too, because some models take power directly from the Apple device. We also offer interfaces that are powered by a USB host and include integrated wireless receivers, so users can use up to three switches wirelessly to output mouse clicks, joystick buttons, or keyboard characters.

Searching for wireless switch interfaces to accommodate your unique needs? Look no further. Get switch access to your iPad and music by browsing our selection. Some of the models we offer provide access to both switch-accessible apps and music all in one device. Access apps with up to four switches or with a "tap" of a button go into "Quick-Media Mode" and use the same four switches to control your audio library. These aids are specifically designed to meet the user’s needs and are simple to set up.

EnableMart is proud to be the worldwide leader in assistive technology, and we hold exacting standards for each product we offer to our customers. Our selection of switch interfaces is no exception. Support the health of your students or clients by enabling them to learn and perform to the best of their abilities. If you have any questions about our inventory, please contact a member of our team today.

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